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After surprising audience with a variety of roles, versatile actor ‘Ayushmann Khurrana’ is all set to step into the shoes of a hot woman ‘Pooja’ in his upcoming film ‘Dream Girl’. Behind the scenes video of Ayushmann transforming into Dream Girl is going viral on internet these days.

The 34-year-old actor would be seen cross-dressing and speaking in both male and female voices in the comedy film. Ever since makers dropped trailer of ‘Dream Girl’, fans started discussing about the hard work underwent by Ayushmann for his role in the film.

Producer ‘Ekta Kapoor’ shared a video on social media in which Ayushmann is seen sharing nitty-gritties about his character preparation. Ekta captioned the BTS video: ‘Maverick Khurrana. Sach kaha! Lehenge mein bhi keher lag raha hai Ayushmann. Making video out now! #DreamGirl.’

Dream Girl actor is seen speaking about his role in the video. He stated as mentioned in report: "Ek toh mujhe poori shave karni padti thi. Thodi stubble aajati thi to toh dobara shave karni padti thi. Jab saree pehnta tha to mere khud ke hair aur uske upar se extensions bhi lagane padte the. (I had to shave my beard several times; even a little stubble meant shaving again. It was also tough to place the hair extensions over my hair when I had to wear a saree). I think I took three-and-half hours to get ready."

On the other hand, female lead ‘Nushrat Bharucha’ just took 2 hours for minimal makeup and hairdo in the film. Ayushmann also spoke about his female voice modulation and synchronization in the film.

The 34-year-old actor stated as quoted in "Sync sound tha hamari film mein (Our film had sync sound). The transition from a male voice to a female voice is not easy in such kind of sounds. That is why I dubbed my female voice again. So I used to go to the studio and gave 10 different takes and then we finally achieved the actual female voice."
Watch the BTS video of ‘Dream Girl’ here:
Besides Ayushmann and Nushrat, Raaj Shaandilyaa’s directorial venture also stars Vijay Raaz, Annu Kapoor, Abhishek Banerjee, Nidhi Bisht and Manjot Singh. The comedy film is scheduled to release on September 13.

Red Label ad based on theme of Ganesh Chaturthi went viral on social media a week ago. Instead of getting impressed with 1-year-old ad showing Hindu-Muslim unity, Twitterati got miffed and #BoycottRedLabel started trending on internet.

Thousands of Hindu social media users expressed disappointment over an old ad by the tea brand. The Hindu report suggests that Red Label got accused of spoiling image of Hindus by displaying Hindu guy as intolerant and old man as secular in the ad.

The Hindu report suggests that Hindu Janajagruti Samiti made an appeal to parent company Hindustan Unilever Limited to remove the ad of Red Label. Hindu Janajagruiti Samiti tweeted as mentioned in The Hindu report: ‘We appeal Red Label Chai and HUL News to remove ads insulting religious sentiments of Hindus and apologize to Hindu Community.’

In 2-minute-long Red Label ad, a Hindu buyer gets offended on knowing the religious belief of the sculptor. However, both of them bond over a cup of tea and the intolerant buyer later gets agreed to purchase Ganesh murti made by secular man. Red Label claims that the ad is inspired by a true story and the caption on YouTube video reads: ‘What happens when a cup of tea breaks deep-rooted prejudice?’

One social media user commented: ‘It’s disappointing to see how a Hindu is being projected as intolerant. It could have been a happy ad where the Hindu man gets excited after knowing the artist is a Muslim and both could have felt proud on India’s diversity & pluralism.’ According to The Hindu report, around 33,000 social media users made a call to boycott the products of HUL on Sunday evening.

Watch the 1-year-old ad of Red Label based on Ganesh Chaturthi theme here:

Our South celebrities may effortlessly play the role of a brother and sister on screen but they play this role much better off the screen with their real siblings.Here is a list of few popular siblings that rule their respective film industries and also get along just fine:

1. Ram Charan and Alu Arjun

Ram Charan and Alu Arjun, both brothers are very famous in the South Film Industry and they are seen in many movies and although they are cousins, they work together as one of their real siblings.

2. Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan

One of Tollywood's most powerful brother duo is Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. They have managed to not only break records or have a great fan following but also keep their streak going on till date.

3. Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan

Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan are the daughters of South and Bollywood actor Kamal Haasan. His daughters are seen in South and Bollywood films, although Bollywood is not favorable for them, they are very popular in the South industry.

4. Surya and Karti

Surya and Karthi are reigning together in the South Film Industry, ever since they entered the industry and all their movies are loved by their fans.

5. Kajal Agarwal and Nisha Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal has made a very good name in the South Film Industry and she has gained popularity in Bollywood also . She is one of the most popular and well-known actress in the south, while her sister Nisha Agarwal did not have a good career in the film industry, and thus Nisha married to a businessman.

Human body is quite difficult, but many people do such poor strange deeds with their bodies.. Today we are introducing you to a person who is 59 years old and this person's name is Rolf Buchholz. He is from Dortmund,Germany.

This man has 453 piercings on his body and face, including 158 around his lips,16 in his right ear,15 in his left ear,25 in his eyebrows,8 in his nose,94 in and around his lips,2 in his tongue,8 in the rest of his body,3 in his nipples,4 in his navel and 278 in the genital area and two horn implants on his forehead.

Not only this, this person is also very much interested in making tattoos in the body, because of this tattoo and ring in the body of this person, the name has been registered in the Guinness Book.

But due to these rings, he has suffered a lot of problem. When he was going to Dubai, he was caught by the police at the airport and refused to enter Dubai. Dubai police felt that this person was a magician But after gathering information about him, it was proved that he was a common man, then he got permission to go to Dubai.

These diseases are eliminated by drinking turmeric water every day.Drinking turmeric water is very beneficial for health. By consuming it you can avoid many problems. Because its water gives us relief from many kinds of diseases. It also prevents disease like cancer. Therefore, let us know, what are the advantages of drinking turmeric water?

The tremendous benefits of drinking turmeric water will shock you .If you want to be always young and your age is too low, then use turmeric water everyday for it because the element found in it helps fight free radicals.Turmeric contains antioxidant that protects the body cells from a serious illness such as cancer.If you want your body fat reduced, drink lemon, turmeric powder and honey in hot water and drink it. With this, you can easily reduce obesity.

Turmeric water can be very beneficial if your body has swelling and joint pain problems.The chemicals named curcumin are found in it which relieves the pain and prevents cancer and helps to control cholesterol.By drinking turmeric water, the circulation of blood in your body works smoothly. It also cleanse the blood.If you have low bile, then by consuming it you can get rid of this problem, which will correct the digestive system.

A kitchen is like a completely different world compared to other rooms in an apartment or a house. It is the place where magic occurs. And there are some things that can make the process of making magic dishes even easier and more fun, like the ones we show you in the next compilation.
1. A watermelon rolling cutter.

2. A knife and cutlery cleaner.
3. A smart cutting board with weight, timer and knife sharpener built-in.
4. A strainer with clip that fits pans of all sizes.
5. A tool that cleans the beaters and allows you to store food that would normally be wasted.
6. A folding cutting board.
7. A spill plug that prevents water from overflowing or splashing oil.
8. An engraving rolling pin.
9. A slicer of bagels.
10. Salt and pepper shaker of snow globe.

Thanks to the advantages of the Internet, it is increasingly common to work from home. For those people who plan to spend a lot of time in their homes or already do, the ideal is that your home is full of great items that provide the greatest comfort and well-being possible, as we will show you below, we are sure you will want More than one, check out.
1. You will never want to leave your room after trying this multi functional bed.
2. Car Dok is an intelligent parking system that saves space and protects your car.
3. Your dining room will never be the same with this table that has a river of glass.
4. This strange udon-shaped bed that promises you sweet dreams.
5. Now you can always have cold drinks, even outside, thanks to this refrigerator with an integrated table.
. A bed that saves space and stores everything you want, ideal for small apartments.
7. You can make the floor of your house look like a forest with this soft wool carpet.
8. If you are looking for a way to integrate furniture into your home, these furniture could be the right ones.
9. An intelligent coffee table with refrigerator and USB charging ports, perfect for someone who is always online.

hese 5 very attractive actresses of India have reached the stage of success due to their acting and beauty. Fans of these actresses are seen in every corner of India.

1. Jannat Zubair Rahmani
On the social media account Instagram of actress Jannat, fans get to see the number in millions. These actresses, who look beautiful like a heavenly nymph, rule the hearts of millions today. Let them know, their popularity is increasing day by day.
2. Anushka Sen
The actress, who came into the limelight from the television serial Balveer, has become very popular at a very young age. Given his popularity and the number of fans, it will not be difficult to guess that actress Anushka may soon be seen playing the lead role in Bollywood films as well. This actress, who looks very cute like a nymph, has made millions of fans to appreciate her glamorous avatar.
3. Arishfa Khan
Arsifa is a very beautiful television actress. He is named among the most talked about actresses of the television industry at a young age. Actress Arsifa has been very active on Instagram. Millions of fans follow them on social sites.
4. Aditi Bhatia
She is a very stylish and attractive figure actress of television industry. Aditi has been seen performing in more than one role. Actress Aditi is famous in the television industry with the serial 'Ye Hai Mohabbatein'. Aditi is playing the role of Rohi Bhalla in this television episode of Star Plus.
5. Reem Shaikh
Actress Reem looks very attractive and bold. On social media sites, they often remain in the headlines among their fans for their attractive and bold photos. Millions of them are seen on social sites in millions.

Cricket is one of the popular sports in India. There is more than one talented and young cricketer here, who, when given the opportunity, performs brilliantly for the Indian team at an early age. Today we are going to tell about such a young cricketer in this article, who is performing well for the Indian team at just 18 years of age.

Sushant Mishra, an 18-year-old young all-rounder from Jharkhand, has shown his talent at an early age. Sushant Mishra is currently representing the Indian Under-19 team in the Under-19 Asia Cup tournament being played in Sri Lanka and he has had a great performance so far.

Sushant Mishra bowled brilliantly against Afghanistan Under-19 team taking 5 wickets for 20 runs in 9.1 overs. Earlier, he also took 2 wickets against the Pakistan Under-19 team.

Till now Sushant Mishra has taken 7 wickets in ODIs. However Sushant Mishra is yet to get much opportunity to bat. If Sushant Mishra's performance continues like this, he may get an entry in Team India soon.

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