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The leaves of this plant are more powerful than Shilajit, know the name and benefits

Today the plant which we are going to talk about is often found in our homes, we are talking about the plant of Tulsi, the plant of Tulsi is very beneficial due to its Ayurvedic properties.
Benefits of Tulsi leaves
For teeth and skin

If ayurveda is believed, chewing its leaves in the morning does not allow bacteria in the teeth and strengthens the teeth, it contains an element called thymon, which is very good for our skin, grinding its leaves and applying it on the pimples. They heal quickly, because regular consumption of basil leaves increases the glow on the face.
Seasonal diseases

Drinking a decoction of basil leaves relieves mental stress, it is beneficial in weather conditions like cough, fever and headache, by boiling basil leaves with black pepper, black salt and ginger in water Water should be drunk.
Urination problems

If someone has problems related to urination, it is very beneficial in it, for this, one should chew its leaves regularly, chewing Tulsi leaves does not cause period related problems for women.
To increase strength

To remove weakness, Tulsi is very beneficial for men who consume Shilajit, such men should chew Tulsi leaves daily in the morning.

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